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Attentive to the latest developments in nutritional science, Naturpuglia offers Private Labels a complete and integrated service ranging from consultation to product concept and creation, from designing the packaging to packing.

1An exclusive product

We are well aware that those who turn to us have a clear idea of what they want to achieve. The customer's specifications are the foundation for a product that accurately reflects their requirements. The result must be more than just an exclusive product; it must also meet market demand, and, above all, it must be unconditionally appreciated by the customer.

2From product to production

The idea is there, so are the specifications. But that isn't enough. We have to try, test, taste. An initial sample is sent to our test laboratories for examination. Only if it passes the laboratory tests is the new product submitted to the customer. This initiates a valuable comparison and review phase, to define the exact ingredients, spices, nutritional characteristics and weight. When there are no more doubts, production begins. From this point onwards, numerous samples are taken, and checks are carried out to test the quality and reliability of the product.

3The appeal and effectiveness of packaging

A good product has to be enhanced by interesting packaging, capable of attracting the consumer's attention with its style, effective visual communication and appeal. We devote a great deal of attention to this marketing component. Thanks to our graphic designers, specialised in food packaging, we are able to submit graphic and packaging solutions to our customers. If the verdict is positive, we are ready to go.

4From packaging to shelves

Before delivery, all batches, accompanied by test reports, undergo inspection, checking that the packaging is undamaged and that the labelling is correct. Now the goods are ready for delivery. We carefully monitor the logistics system to ensure that shipping takes place on time and at the lowest possible cost. The study of a precise protocol regarding the sequence of all the steps allows the product to reach the shelves in the best possible way.

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